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I actually performed this experiment last month, but have been very busy with real life things and haven’t had the chance to write about it. In my continuing quest go “Go Infinite”, I decided to do some Master’s Edition. This was a relatively poor choices because the packs are more expensive, and there are much fewer money cards to be had –
I started out strong though, actually winning 3 out of my first 4 drafts. My final stats through 10 drafts –

Wins – 3
2nd place – 1
1 win – 2
0 wins – 4
Good cards: 0

My final 6 drafts didn’t go nearly as well, and defeating the odds, I didn’t open one dual land or any other card of any value. So it was definitely a bust. I love the classic cards and had fun for that reason, but all in all the experience was frustrating and just made me think of how luck based everything is. And in fact, I haven’t played any Magic since those events. Money’s been needing to go elsewhere, my time has too – And I was extremely frustrated.


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