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Stolen directly from 1up.com:


You can only enter once, and they say “Be original” but I am sure that you will see lots of Boom Goes the Dynamite wanna bes and they will probably get voted on. I am sure they want to avoid lawsuits. But only the first entrant of any given quote counts, so don’t wait, get your Jam thing in.


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At long last, the final Star Wars: The Old Republic classes have been fished out, and they look to be a Mage-like and Healer-like class.

Good info here:

Also, for those not aware, Steam is offering Plants Vs. Zombies for $5 limited time. Worth a looksee.



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As posted on 1UP.com, some fun achievements, maps and unlockables for TF2 this Halloween weekend.


Hopefully I can squeeze in the time to play…

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Netflix instant queue/streaming is one of the few reasons I would consider owning a PS3 or an X-Box 360, it’s one of the best features avail on the 360 now. I am happy with my Wii as a gaming console, but extras like this missing sting a bit. The recent announcement that PS3 was getting Netflix support enhanced that stinging sensation in Wii owners –
But, according to CNet, there’s hope –


In addition – (This article doesn’t mention it) But there IS talk of a Hi-Def Wii coming out next year.

Here’s hoping Wii owners get this sooner rather than later.

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Since opening up the test applications, the Star Wars: The Old Republic site was bombarded and had to be taken down. It still is finicky and giving people a lot of problems, I finally completed my sign up after several attempts – And want to tell you all how I did it.

First of all, I used IE instead of Firefox, it seemed to help. With Firefox I was getting an endless loop. Anyway, here’s what to do for the time being:

NOTE: Obviously all of these steps May not/Shouldn’t be required, but this is what worked for me. Good luck.

1. Go here http://www.swtor.com/user/register

2. Scroll to the bottom of the agreement. Fill in the box that says you read it, hit enter and tab. Then click on Continue.

3. THIS WILL SAVE YOU SOME HASSLE: Fill in all the information. Usernames are letters only, which is annoying. Scroll to bottom of Terms and Conditions.  DO NOT CLICK ON THE BETA SIGNUP BUTTON YET. CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT. If you click yes now and the process botches (which it will do repeatedly) you will have to enter this information AGAIN.

4. Once your account has been created, log into it from the swtor website. (email address/password). Click on My Account in the corner.

5. Now scroll down and you will again see the question to sign up for the beta test. Go ahead and do it now. I filled in the information and submitted it, also putting something in the optional phone field.

6. Submit your Scan Data. Make sure if you have active X blocked, you allow it to run. Speed seems to be important here. As soon as the scan is done, press complete/submit data.

7. If you are SUCCESSFUL, you’ll see a Congratulations message back at the My Account page. If you are NOT successful (which I wasn’t several times) you will be brough back to the Terms and Conditions page to do this again. Hopefully your info should automatically fill in and you can just click submit and try again. If not, put in the info then press “Provide Later” then go back to step 5 and try it again.

8. It took me several tries, including 3 scans. The traffic load is high, and obviously there was some problems with the app. But if you do this, you should get in.

NOTE: Obviously all of these steps May not/Shouldn’t be required, but this is what worked for me. Good luck. Repeating again.

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New update 4.2 from Nintendo disables and REMOVES Homebrew. Make sure you do NOT update if you’re homebrewing it up!

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According to a 1UP.com Story, Netflix could wind up on all consoles. I don’t have a 360, but my main gaming partner does, and Netflix on it is awesome. The sheer volume and ease of titles for the cost makes it an incredible value. In fact, I often say if I had a 360 it would be for three things. Geometry Wars, Castle Crashers, and Netflix. So I hope this happens sooner than later to a Wii near me.

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